Wolfie – 07/11/98 @ 40 Watt Club – Athens, GA


07/11/98 @ 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA (Athens Summer Music Extravaganza)

What I want to point out concerning this era of Wolfie was how important this show was for us. We had been on our first East Coast tour just prior to this in support of Awful Mess Mystery. I booked that tour and a lot of the shows outside of the Midwest were a shot in the dark. We didn't really know many of the bands or promoters and it was sort of a roll of the dice most of the way. We got back home after that tour and in all honesty I wasn't that excited about turning around and driving 14 hours for a one-off show. I didn't understand what was awaiting us in Athens. It was like traveling to another dimension where people understood what we were all about. It was one big happy family, the sort of thing that doesn't happen every weekend in just any town. We quickly started to understand the scope of this as soon as we pulled into town.

This was probably the biggest show we ever played. This thing was packed and we had an absolute blast. We were really lucky to be on this bill and a part of this, the first Kindercore Popfest. I don't know what more I can say, just that this was a really important and amazing night for us and that we were very humbled to be asked to play.

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07/11/98 @ Athens Summer Music Extravaganza - 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA
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