Wolfie – 01/31/97 @ Gregory Hall – Urbana, Il

01/31/97 @ Gregory Hall - Urbana, Il

We had the great fortune of meeting Dan Rapata, a very kind soul who had somehow managed to convince the U of I administration to let him put on rock shows in a classroom on campus. And that's exactly what he did. We played room 215, Greg Hall a few times at the very beginning of it all. This show is for the Necessary Sailing aficionados - it was our only release at this point and we were full-on supporting it here.

"Verse Vica", "Lifesaver Socks" and "VFW" originated from some of my earliest recordings I did when I first got my 4 track a couple years prior. I "released" these on my first solo tapes; that meant I made about 20 copies and gave them to my  close friends.  "VFW" was re-recorded for our first 7" as was "Lifesaver Socks" for Awful Mess Mystery.


Joe's "I Wish I Could Navigate", if I recall right, was written during Slackjawed. This is a great example of him stripping down a song to its bare minimum and pretty much setting the tone for what would become our sound on Awful Mess Mystery. You can find Joe's recording of it on 4 Track Rarities.

I Wish I Could Navigate / On Your Way / On Cinder Blocks Looking In / Verse Vica / Silent Autumn Parks / VFW / Looks Fine on the Ledge / The Long Drive Back / Let's Say We Forget About It / Suspension Catches / Lifesaver Socks / A Dumb Life / Graph Chaser


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09/10/99 @ Illini Union - Urbana, Il
NDTV, 1999
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07/24/99 @ Galaxy Hut - Arlington, VA
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07/11/98 @ Athens Summer Music Extravaganza - 40 Watt Club - Athens, GA
04/22/97 @ Illinois Disciples Foundation - Champaign, Il
03/15/97 @ Illinois Disciples Foundation - Champaign, Il
01/31/97 @ Gregory Hall - Urbana, Il