Awful Mess Mystery (Japan) | Wolfie

Awful Mess Mysyery (Japan)

CD (Philter, 2000) PRPH-2018
US version here

1. I Know I Know I Know 2. Mockhouse 3. Hey It's Finally Yay 4. Yeah Yeah You 5. Subroutine The Reward 6. Lkat Me 7. Lazy Weekend, Stormy Season 8. Getting The Reach That I Need 9. Life Saver Socks 10. Everybody Ought To Know 11. I Gotta, U Gotta 12. Iron Orange, Iron Blue 13. Want To Practice (You Do) 14. On or Off New Wave (bonus track) 15. Love Bugs (bonus track)

Recorded and mixed by Rick Valentin. Drums on songs 1, 5, 11, 13 recorded by Wolfie at home and at Rachel's house. 14 and 15 recorded at home on 4-track.