The National Splits – Live Recordings

4/5/03 @ Radio Radio – Indianapolis, IN


I'm really glad this was recorded as it was the only time The National Splits ever performed as a full band. That, and it ended up being the last National Splits show. This was the record release for Fontana and we had the privledge of opening up for Tobin Sprout who happens to be one of my all time favorite songwriters. National Splits shows were infrequent and this being a record release show I wanted to do something special so I asked my current bandmates from The New Constitution to back me up. I remember it being a breeze to learn these songs quickly with them. We knew how each other operated. There was no guessing. Everything ended up 100x more rock n' roll than the actual albums and all for the better. This was a really fun experience and, looking back, a great way to close out this project.

1. Fader to Fader
2. She's My Baby and She's Alright
3. This Old Curse
4. Sparkhawk
5. State of Lakes
6. Sun Valley
7. Heart Red Phone
8. Things You Could've Stole
9. Thousand Yards
10. Some Raw Summer
11. The Derby
12. We'd Be a Genius
13. Get Loose

Mike Downey - vocals, guitar
Mike Marsden - guitar
Dan Brown - bass
Dan Marsden - drums

(download, 52MB)

3/30/02 @ Galaxy Hut - Arlington, VA

In early 2002 I released the Grab the Bottle and Run to the Hill 7" which was completely acoustic-based and a good excuse to go on a solo tour. By this time the band had become my solo/side project as Dan and I were mainly focused on getting The New Constitution up and running. What we have here is the last show of that tour at the Galaxy Hut in Arlington, VA.

This Old Curse / We Did the Drugs that You Left Us / The Time it Takes to Get Back to You / Good Heavens / Where Was I? / Bible by the Bed / Lazy Days are Here / Lazy Weekend, Stormy Season / I Drive Alone / Your David Starship / You Don't Miss Your Water (The Byrds) / Remember Action / I'm an Engineer

3/7/02 @ Independent Media Center - Urbana, Il

This was the first solo acoustic show I ever did. Before this The National Splits performed as a guitar/drums duo. Listening back now I can hear I was a bit nervous and played it a bit too safe in my delivery. The funny thing was that I already had an East Coast solo tour booked before I gave playing solo a shot. It looked good on paper. In the end I enjoyed shows like this. Very little hassle, just get up there and play. I like to think I got better after doing it a few more times. I debated if I even wanted to post this show but decided for it since it marks a very specific point in time where the S/T album and the Grab the Bottle and Run to the Hill 7" had just come out and it was time to do some of the songs in front of people for the first time.

1. This Old Curse 2. I Drive Alone 3. Lazy Days are Here 4. State of Lakes 5. The Time it Takes to Get Back to You 6. Good Heavens 7. You Don't Miss Your Water (The Byrds) 8. Your David Starship 9. We Did the Drugs that You Left Us 10. Where Was I? 11. Just Got Back (and Now I'm Home) 12. I'm an Engineer

(download, 45MB)

7/2/01 @ Double Door – Chicago, Il

This one is from when Dan Marsden and I were playing as a guitar/drums duo. It was the last show on a 5-show mini tour with Kleenex Girl Wonder. Dan and I shared singing duties during these early shows. It’s really cool to have a document of Dan’s songs as none of them were released after our first self-released EP. This was recorded by Aadam Jacobs.

1. Remember Action
2. The Light, The Heat
3. (It was a good day for a) Rock Show
4. Where Was I?
5. Let a Little Love in Your Heart
6. You Dig
7. Go Bust and Wreck
8. Texas Instruments
9. I Died on the Way to Election
10. Don’t Make Me Rock You
11. Yeah Yeah You

(download, 57MB)