Shy Mirrors – Negative Collector

Negative Collector
LP (Big School, 2013) BSR-009

A. Unavailable / Tinted Windows / I'm Supposed To / He's A Thief / Summer's Over / Sky High / Tear Away

B. Dead Birch / Discovery Club / Good To Go / Rips / At Ease / Dry Cell / First Wave Out

Recorded Dec 2011 - Aug 2012
Artwork by Joe Ziemba




Indie Rock Cafe – March, 2013
“His songs are frenzied, two-minute or less blitzkrieg romps of lo-fi garage rock, punk and pop hooks – a la Superchunk and the The Ramones – delivered with riveting, downstroke power chords, served with a double dose of distortion, and topped off with angst-driven, nasal-like vocals – all of which are aspects of Downey’s signature sound.”

Fabricoh Magazine – Feb, 2013
“Are you ever going to stop wearing Chuck Taylors? Are you ever going to stop eating mashed potatoes? No? Then Shy Mirrors is the band for you!”

Wilfully Obscure – Feb, 2013
“As if the fourteen dozen tracks here aren’t stupefyingly impressive in their own right, Negative’s sheer consistency is the icing on an already scalding hot cake.”

The Fire Note – Feb, 2013
“If you are looking for a bunch of gimmicks you have put on the wrong record as Shy Mirrors bring a very authentic fuzzed up noise rock that comes at you in various sounds and speeds while being comparable to pieces of well-loved bands that have come before them.”

I Buy WAY Too Many Records – Feb, 2013
“Channeling the energy of some of my favorite pop bands of the 90’s with amazingly catchy choruses, this is a band that should far exceed the popularity of this limited to 150 copies record.”