Shy Mirrors – Dodging the Column

Dodging the Column
Cassette (Mirror Universe, 2015) MU49

A. Paint The Mission / Gate To Maze / Colonial Rascal / Plastic Skull / Midwest Wipeout / Space Peace / Breathing The Lung / Double Arrows / Slimed / Climb The Window

B. Runs Off / Thanks Bobcat / Lift Me Up, That's All / Casting It Out / Carbondale Rogues / Bridge Wish / Mini Gold / Bad Moon Hotel

Recorded Sept - Dec 2014
Artwork by Jason Pierce for Mperfect

Tiny Mix Tapes – July, 2015
Dodging the Column has the feeling of going back over an argument in your head, what you did say, what you wish you said, what you would say different in retrospect. It’s an endless parade of other theoretical arguments and how you would win them…” – July, 2015
“Downey creates tracks with a variety of shapes and influences. Songs like “Plastic Skull” ooze along with a power pop strut reminiscent of The Undertones and The Exploding Hearts.“ “The songs are fuzzy and warm, with a charming glow…”