3/31/12 @ Third City Sound – Joliet, Il | Shy Mirrors

Shy Mirrors
3/31/12 @ Third City Sound - Joliet, Il

This was the first Shy Mirrors show. The way this worked was I had booked a little 4-show tour to coincide with a trip back to Chicago. I wanted to do Shy Mirrors live and the best place for me to do that was in and around Chicago. I was born in Joliet but I don’t think I had ever played a show there before. This was a fun way to kick it off. Also, we have a little tradition of putting together a Guided By Voices cover band and doing one-off shows (usually in garages for our friends) when the planets align. This was also one of those nights; The Jabberstrokers (formerly The Official Ironman Rally Band) were the headliner.

I asked Curt Swank to play drums and he did an amazing job. Because we’d only have a few days to practice together before the shows I wanted to remove as many variables as possible (bass, 2nd guitar) and decided to do these shows as a guitar/drums duo. I used an octave pedal lined out to a bass amp to fill out the sound.


This isn't the entire set, but the highlights:
Face Paint / Dry Cell / You Begged Me / Sky High / Boy Again / I See it Differently / Reactors

Engineered, mixed and recorded live by Bill Aldridge at Third City Sound, Joliet, IL March 31st, 2012.

Mike Downey – Guitar/Vocals
Curt Swank – Drums

The set is downloadable within the soundcloud player below if you want to take it home with you.