Shy Mirrors – Audio Graves

Audio Graves 3, Vol. 9
Shy Mirrors unreleased material 2010-2014
Digital (Self-released, 2017)

This is not an official Shy Mirrors release per se as it is a part of my Audio Graves collection which spans all of my projects and bands over the years. However, this release is strictly focused on material I did that was meant to be released under the Shy Mirrors name.

1. Suspicious Van (2010)
2. Houseboat (2010)
3. Arrow (Arrow EP, 2010)
4. I Don't Fit in (Arrow EP, 2010)
5. First Step (Arrow EP, 2010)
6. Heart Right (Arrow EP, 2010)
7. Mean It (Arrow EP, 2010) 
8. Overall (Arrow EP, 2010)
9. Rosemont (Print and Hold, 2014)
10. Bitter Tears / Autumn Bricks (Print and Hold, 2014)
11. You're the First Mistake I'll Make Today (Print and Hold, 2014)
12. Same Tribe, Different Drum (Print and Hold, 2014)
13. Last Witch (Print and Hold, 2014)
14. Back to Base (Print and Hold, 2014)
15. Hey Hali (Busytoby cover) (Print and Hold, 2014)
16. Without Consideration (Print and Hold, 2014)
17. Kissed You (Print and Hold, 2014)
18. Disadvantage (Print and Hold, 2014)
19. Not Your Holiday (Print and Hold, 2014)
20. Headsicks (Print and Hold, 2014)
21. I Added It Up (Print and Hold, 2014)
22. New Lenox Lion (Print and Hold, 2014)
23. Somewhere, Some How, Some Day (Print and Hold, 2014)
24. Garbage Man (Print and Hold, 2014)
25. Autumn Bricks / Bitter Tears (Print and Hold, 2014)

Tracks 1-2: These are the first 2 songs I recorded when I decided I wanted to do Shy Mirrors in 2010. Recorded during the same time span as the Reactors and Arrow EPs

Tracks 3-8: The Arrow EP was supposed to be released shortly after the Reactors EP in an edition of 25 lathe LPs. Unfortunately we were never able to get this pressed. I am happy to make it available here though, finally.

Tracks 9-25: The "Print and Hold" cassette is one of my lost albums. I sequenced and mastered it but when it was time to send it to the label I, for various reasons, decided to hold off on the release. I ended up getting a drum set shortly after finishing this and that inspired me to write a whole new batch of songs and I guess I put these songs on the back burner for a later time. I figured they'd work just as well as Audio Graves.

Collage by Mperfect Design