Hazard Data bonus footage | Mathlete

Hazard Data bonus footage | Mathlete

(Shot: 2000 / Edited: 2016)
Shot by Curt Swank, Edited by Mike Downey

Curt shot approximately 4 hours of video on the Mathlete summer, 2000 tour. He edited that down into a short documentary that told our story. I guess it would make sense to watch the Hazard Data tour documentary first. After that, if you dare to get in our van and bounce down the highway with us again, then keep on reading.

He gave me all of the raw footage. I probably scanned through it back then but it wasn't until now (2016) that I actually watched all of it. My first instinct was to digitize it and send it to the band and just have as our own. But as this site grew and got more in depth it was clear that this is exactly the sort of thing I want to make available to anyone interested. No, 4 hours of us drinking beer, making inside jokes and playing to half empty rooms is not worth watching. But 45 minutes is.

I did a quick edit of scenes that I thought were worth sharing. It's all in chronological order and there's no fancy editing or anything like that. I tried to use as little of the Hazard Data footage as possible but needed to overlap a bit to make this cohesive and complete. As you'll see, this tour was up and down; we were not a touring band that did this often. We were mostly a recording project but it was just too hard to resist booking a tour back then. Not many people probably knew who we were so we were doing this as a vacation as much as a tour. It was all for the experience. I had a blast going through these tapes and putting this together.

The live songs within are: "Surrender" - Detroit / "Feel Alright" - Pittsburgh / "Geekout" - Waterbuy, CT / "Plexiglass Girls" - East Hampton, MA / "Steel Wheels '89" - Arlington, VA / "Coat of Arms", "Century Man", "Designer Drugs" - NYC / "Record and Play" - Chapel Hill / "Narrowcaster" - Chicago

New Haven, CT - Summer Tour, 2000
mathlete_tour200 extra1
Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC - Summer Tour, 2000