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Shy Mirrors (2010 - 2016) was supposed to be a band. In 2010 I had a collection of songs I thought would sound great fleshed out live and loud, which is exactly what Stockholm needed at that time. Sorry for not coming through. I recorded these songs myself as a sort of demo to kick off the new project. I was quickly offered the chance to release them and I jumped at the chance. That made me want to record more songs in a similar fashion. I really did mean to put a band together for this but it just never happened. Most of the people I have been in bands with I went to high school with. I have a hard time letting people in. Call this a major flaw, but that’s how it is. I never clicked with the right people in Stockholm to make Shy Mirrors a full-fledged thing, so I had another solo project on my hands.

Except the time in 2012 when I asked my old friend from college, Curt Swank, to play drums and take Shy Mirrors out for a little test drive. I was already scheduled to be in Chicago to visit friends and family so why not tack on a mini-tour? Curt obliged. See the results in the shows to the right.

I don’t have any plans to do more with this project, but if the right situation arises it could happen again in some shape or form. I'm currently releasing music with my 4-track cassette project Mike Downey Tape.

Ghettoblaster Magazine, 2012

4/4/12 @ Township - Chicago, Il / photo/video/audio
3/31/12 @ Third City Sound - Joliet, Il / photo/video/audio
Shy Mirrors unreleased material, 2017
When Nothing is Next, 2016
Dodging the Column, 2015
Wrong Bomb, 2013
Negative Collector, 2013
Sailed Blanks, 2011
Reactors EP, 2010