Where to find State Charger

I’ve been busy with State Charger stuff lately. I have decided to not do any further updates about that project on this site. I want to let it live its own life without getting caught up in everything here. So, you can use this tumblr as a jumping off point. There’s soundcloud and bandcamp links there for streaming/buying. Thanks for reading!

Mike Downey Tape: Open World Avalanche

Finally. I have been pysching myself out on this thing. I battled through some bouts of uncertainty but when I felt inspiration it was intense and plentiful. Here’s the result of a real up and down 2017. Available for download at bandcamp

“Watching Scanners”

New Mike Downey Tape release nearing completion. Here’s a quick spin around my recording space with a mixdown of one of the newest songs playing in the background.

Surrounded by things that make sense

Ett inlägg delat av Mike Downey (@mike.downey)

State Charger

New project alert! For the past couple years I’ve been getting more and more into guitar-based looping / ambient experiments or whatever we want to call this. I don’t think categorizing it is all that important. It’s fun to break down the walls of verses and choruses and lean into the world of the the expanding, the evolving and the generative. It clears my head. I would consider it meditation for myself.

I rarely record these sessions, although I have had the tendency to capture short bits on my iPhone or quickly to 4-track. I wouldn’t consider anything I’ve done in this style to be complete, only ideas. And maybe that’s all they are ever supposed to be. Time will tell.

But as the years went by I finally decided that I wanted to document this stuff to a point. And so here we have that, a lone Instagram account which I started a couple weeks ago. The time limit on Instagram is 1 minute. These excursions can last far, far longer, so this is a platform to give a taste as to what some of this stuff sounds like. Please give me a follow if you want and we’ll see where the road takes us.

Today’s collage: Limit on Magnets

I can feel the need to make collages coming back. I really enjoy doing these. I finally got around to getting my supplies out and making some cuts. This is the result from today’s work.

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