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  1. We can look at this 2 ways (7/18/2016) - Welcome to! We can look at this 2 ways: I’ve been working on this site for the past 4 months or, I’ve been working on this site for the past 20 years. What is this? This is a place where I am collecting artifacts from my previous bands and solo projects. And this is … Continue reading "We can look at this 2 ways"
  2. Shy Mirrors: When Nothing is Next (9/8/2016) - Straight to the point here: There's a new Shy Mirrors tape out on Hope for the Tape Deck. It's called When Nothing is Next and, as usual, I played all of the instruments on it. If you liked the previous tape, Dodging the Column, then this one will probs be up your alley. I recorded … Continue reading "Shy Mirrors: When Nothing is Next"
  3. Archival update: New Constitution / Mathlete live recordings (9/12/2016) - As I mentioned when I launched the site, there were a few known articacts from way back that I hadn’t had a chance to get to. I have tracked down a couple more live recordings that are worthwhile. I’m not sure how many more updates like this there will be as many of my leads … Continue reading "Archival update: New Constitution / Mathlete live recordings"
  4. Archival update: Mathlete / Wolfie videos ’99 (10/6/2016) - I knew these videos existed; I just didn’t think I’d ever see them. Turns out all 3 of these were sitting on a harddrive in NYC at my old friend Lance Walker’s place. Lance played in the band Port Vale back in the day and ran Ojet records. We toured together and he released a … Continue reading "Archival update: Mathlete / Wolfie videos ’99"
  5. Mike Downey Tape: Shaker Routes (11/3/2016) - Mike Downey Tape : Shaker Routes full length is now available for free/pay what you want download and on Spotify. This is the 2nd proper full length for the project, coming just 10 months after All Times Gem and the 2010-2015 backlog collection Trashclouds. All songs were recorded strictly to 4-track cassette February – October, 2016. This is me … Continue reading "Mike Downey Tape: Shaker Routes"
  6. Something’s Happening… (12/19/2016) - The New Constitution are now on facebook
  7. Announcing: The New Constitution reunion, Chicago (1/4/2017) - I’m very excited to announce that The New Constitution will be reuniting for a show in Chicago this February 25th. We will be joined by special guests Forgotten Species, The Bon Mots and Thomas Comerford. Tickets are available now. I am flying in for rehearsals and the show. This is a rare occassion and we … Continue reading "Announcing: The New Constitution reunion, Chicago"
  8. Mike Downey Tape: “Courts Were on the Roof” preview (1/27/2017) - In the next couple of weeks I’ll be releasing the next (in a hopefully very long series) Mike Downey Tape digital release. This one is called “Courts Were on the Roof”. Another 15 songs I ripped out of a Yamaha MT4X. Here’s a couple songs to preview in the mean time.
  9. Mike Downey Tape: Courts Were on the Roof (2/2/2017) - Mike Downey Tape Courts Were on the Roof is out today. I know it has only been 3 months since the last one, but I have been on a roll this winter and this is the result. I think I figured out how to play the drums to a slightly better degree than previous releases, … Continue reading "Mike Downey Tape: Courts Were on the Roof"
  10. The New Constitution: limited edition poster (2/9/2017) - Limited edition (of 50) reunion show posters designed by The New Constitution’s own Dan Brown. Black uncoated paper silk-screened in two colors.  18″ x 24″. For sale at the show – February, 25th at Subterranean, Chicago.
  11. Post-Chicago (3/4/2017) - I’m back home and settled in after a great 10 days in Chicago for The New Constitution reunion shows. What a blast! We are working on editing a live recording of the Chicago show. We had multiple cameras rolling and a soundboard audio feed, so it should be a great document of the night. Details … Continue reading "Post-Chicago"
  12. Archival Update: The New Constitution demos and live shows ’01-’04 (4/16/2017) - While I was back in Chicago a couple months ago I got the chance to dig back into my archives again and ended up finding a few New Constitution recordings I thought were worth putting up on the site. Head over here for all of the download links. Here’s a quick summary… These first two … Continue reading "Archival Update: The New Constitution demos and live shows ’01-’04"
  13. Audio Graves 3, Vol. 9 (6/10/2017) - So I’ve been hinting at putting together another Audio Graves collection for a couple of years now. Man, these things take some time to figure out. As with the previous ones this will be a 100 song collection (25 songs x 4 releases). I’m going to release them one at a time over the next … Continue reading "Audio Graves 3, Vol. 9"
  14. Audio Graves 3, Vol. 10 (6/17/2017) - Audio Graves 3, Vol. 10 is out now. This one is a time machine back to the late ’90s. 4-tracked tape saturation from small rooms in Central Illinois. Fueled by Rolling Rock. Mathlete outtakes, Wolfie demos, National Splits side projects… are you in or are you out? Dan Marsden plays on a handful of these … Continue reading "Audio Graves 3, Vol. 10"
  15. Audio Graves 3, Vol. 11 (6/25/2017) - Audio Graves 3, Vol. 11 is out now. Next week I’ll round this up with the final installment, then it’s on to releasing new music! This volume is all fairly new stuff from the past 3 years; a huge amount of it coming from 2016 which turned out to be a prolific year. As usual, … Continue reading "Audio Graves 3, Vol. 11"
  16. Collages, 2015-2016 (7/16/2017) - For documentation’s sake, here’s a group of collages I’ve done in the past couple years. A couple of these were used as album artwork for my recent releases. I’d like to do more of these; it’s just a matter of getting to the thrift store and getting a new supply of magazines and keeping the … Continue reading "Collages, 2015-2016"
  17. Audio Graves 3, Vol. 12 (7/18/2017) - Ok, finally Audio Graves 3 is out in its entirety. This last one spans 2010-2015 and dips in and out the fidelity spectrum. There are some hints of more polished songs from my Shy Mirrors project to the, you know me, 4-track sludge. As always, these are a lot of work to gather together but … Continue reading "Audio Graves 3, Vol. 12"
  18. Mathlete “Teleport” first generation dub (7/21/2017) - Teleport was originally released on cassette by In a Lighthouse in 1998 in an edition of 200 copies (ILC-5). A majority of these songs ended up on the Lincolnwood Tech CD on Blackbean and Placenta in 2000, however some of the songs were only available on this tape. I always liked Teleport as it was … Continue reading "Mathlete “Teleport” first generation dub"
  19. Today’s collage: Limit on Magnets (7/29/2017) - I can feel the need to make collages coming back. I really enjoy doing these. I finally got around to getting my supplies out and making some cuts. This is the result from today’s work.
  20. State Charger (8/13/2017) - New project alert! For the past couple years I’ve been getting more and more into guitar-based looping / ambient experiments or whatever we want to call this. I don’t think categorizing it is all that important. It’s fun to break down the walls of verses and choruses and lean into the world of the the … Continue reading "State Charger"
  21. “Watching Scanners” (9/23/2017) - New Mike Downey Tape release nearing completion. Here’s a quick spin around my recording space with a mixdown of one of the newest songs playing in the background. Surrounded by things that make sense Ett inlägg delat av Mike Downey (@mike.downey) Sep 15, 2017 kl. 9:00 PDT
  22. Mike Downey Tape: Open World Avalanche (1/18/2018) - Finally. I have been pysching myself out on this thing. I battled through some bouts of uncertainty but when I felt inspiration it was intense and plentiful. Here’s the result of a real up and down 2017. Available for download at bandcamp Open World Avalanche by Mike Downey Tape
  23. Where to find State Charger (2/24/2018) - I’ve been busy with State Charger stuff lately. I have decided to not do any further updates about that project on this site. I want to let it live its own life without getting caught up in everything here. So, you can use this tumblr as a jumping off point. There’s soundcloud and bandcamp links … Continue reading "Where to find State Charger"
  24. Motorpranks (4/30/2018) - Between 2012-2016 I recorded a batch of Guided By Voices covers. A lot of these were done as a tool to teach myself how to play drums, and doing covers is a great way to take a break from the usual writing and clear your head. As far as GBV is concerned, they’ve been at … Continue reading "Motorpranks"