Audio Graves 3, Vol. 11

Audio Graves 3, Vol. 11 is out now. Next week I’ll round this up with the final installment, then it’s on to releasing new music!

This volume is all fairly new stuff from the past 3 years; a huge amount of it coming from 2016 which turned out to be a prolific year. As usual, these Audio Graves are all previously unreleased and you can grab them for free or pay what you like.

To sweeten the pot I included a couple Guided By Voices covers I did. I don’t cover songs often, but when I do…

Audio Graves 3, Vol. 10

Audio Graves 3, Vol. 10 is out now. This one is a time machine back to the late ’90s. 4-tracked tape saturation from small rooms in Central Illinois. Fueled by Rolling Rock. Mathlete outtakes, Wolfie demos, National Splits side projects… are you in or are you out? Dan Marsden plays on a handful of these (essential). I peeled most of these out of a cardboard box last Spring when I spent nearly a full day going through master tapes that had absolutely no right ever being spun up again on a Tascam that pleaded no mercy. Thanks for reading and stay sweet.

Audio Graves 3, Vol. 9

So I’ve been hinting at putting together another Audio Graves collection for a couple of years now. Man, these things take some time to figure out. As with the previous ones this will be a 100 song collection (25 songs x 4 releases). I’m going to release them one at a time over the next month.

Audio Graves 3, Vol. 9 is out now. Pay what you want. This one is all Shy Mirrors unreleased material including the first 2 songs I did under the name, an unreleased EP from 2010 and an unreleased full album from 2014. Stay tuned!